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As a school, we strongly believe in equal opportunity for all, irrespective of anything

Pupils at Our Lady of Pity RC Primary School in Greasby, Wirral, participated in CAFOD’s Big Lent Walk Challenge to raise money for those living in extreme poverty.  


This year, CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) is seeking to support families around the world who require the necessary tools to tackle the climate crisis.  


The whole school community came together to support CAFOD’s goal through walking and running. Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 ran laps on the school grounds while Key Stage 2 pupils completed a road run together in the local area.  


Parents showed their support by running alongside pupils and acting as road marshals. Everyone cheered each other on to motivate and show their excitement.  


During the Lenten season, the school looked at how they could help others through small acts of kindness. Taking part in The Big Lent Walk was an additional way for the school to show kindness on a larger scale whilst also achieving its mission of ‘JOY through Respect’.  

Head of school, Kathryn Dunne, said: “We’re so proud of all our children for taking part. It was joyous to see everyone come together and work hard with such determination to help an amazing cause during Lent. So many members of our school community have been eager to show their support through generous donations.  


“As a school, we strongly believe in equal opportunity for all, irrespective of anything, so participating in The Big Lent Walk was important for us and we look forward to other upcoming fundraising opportunities.”  


Our Lady of Pity RC Primary School is proud to be part of Holy Family Multi Academy Trust which aims to build strong communities with Gospel Values at the heart. 


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