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The Mighty MitE Chaplaincy


Mission in the Economy (MitE Chaplaincy) has been a significant player on the ecumenical scene building on the work of the Liverpool Industrial Mission established in the 1950s and strongly supported by all the major Churches  since the 1980s.
It has been busy year so far for MitE.  It benefits from a pro-active and enthusiastic Board of Trustees chaired by Revd Dr Canon Crispin Pailing, Rector of Liverpool (based, of course, at St Nicholas at the Pierhead where he hosts MitE in an office and serves as a strong source of support for staff).  Ray Pealing and Janet Keefe ably represent the Archdiocese.  The staff team is headed by Dr Emma Howarth who is the Director of Operations.  Currently there are 2 staff, 4 Chaplains and 12 volunteer chaplains.  It is difficult to believe the breadth and the depth that such a small group of committed people can achieve.
MitE did an amazing job during Covid networking and developing.  An outstanding work area is the Chaplaincy Today online training course for those interested in chaplaincy (healthcare, industry, prisons, and education to name but a few areas).  Covid gave an opportunity to expand and refine this – participants come from a broad area from Manchester to Malaysia (via a Crosby contact).
The Retail Chaplaincy in Liverpool, St Helens and Warrington is constant presence.  In Liverpool there are currently four chaplains covering the Royal Albert Dock, Bold Street and its surrounding streets and St John’s Market.  In Warrington  three chaplains in the town centre, and two at Birchwood Park.  In St Helens there are three chaplains and one covering the YMCA.
The Airport Chaplaincy is twenty years old, and the previous Chaplain must be a hard act to follow having served for 19 years.  The work there with staff and visitors is highly regarded as is the Chaplain’s outreach to the local schools, churches, and community groups, to quote Carol Dutton the Human Resources Director at the Airport:  ‘We consider our Chaplain here at Liverpool Airport to be an integral member of our team, but she also provides so much practical and emotional support for the wider Airport community.’
Rev Jean Flood, awarded the BEM as the chief officer of MitE before her retirement, is the enthusiastic and committed volunteer Chaplain at St John’s Market.  In that role she has been an advocate for the Market Traders; fighting their corner for a viable future.  She was active in involving the elected Mayor of Liverpool in undertaking a review of the operation of the market.
A new Lead Chaplain in Merseyside Police started at the beginning of June and, given the diversity of Merseyside Police force, there is a multifaith team of ten chaplains.   He is working to increase the diversity of the volunteer team.  There is ‘Talk Chaplaincy,’ a monthly broadcast from different stations featuring a different chaplain each time talking with members of their station on themes such as different religious festivals as well as subjects such as Living with Loss.  Each Police Station has a Chaplain and a designated member of staff links with them.  It is hoped to recruit volunteer teams at the YMCAs and Liverpool John Lennon Airport and build on volunteer engagement in other areas of MitE’s activities and diversify into new areas.
MitE is looking for more Chaplains and would value applications from Catholics - being a good listener, or a smiling face, is more important than being a theologian.  In addition, volunteers receive quality training, support, and colleagueship.  If you are interested more details are on MitE’s website  or email

MitE’s Prayer for Chaplaincy

Lord, may we all be moved to be chaplains wherever you place us.
May we be your hands and feet,
bringing blessings to those we encounter
as we receive your blessings.
May we be your voice as we speak into distress and chaos,
speaking for justice and love as you speak through us.
May our hearts be wholly yours, loving all without exception as you love us.
Give us the faith to do what is just, to show constant love,
and to live in humble fellowship with you, our God.  Amen



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Dialogue and Unity

It has been busy year so far for MitE

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