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To mark the 10th anniversary of Network for a Better World (N4BW), its founder, Alice Davidson, OBE aged 85 years, a parishioner from Old Swan in Liverpool, took a visit to Malawi to reflect on the work undertaken and to plan for future projects. During her stay in Sitima in July, she visited Kachere School to view the near completion of a new classroom block, the eighth school block built by N4BW. She then went to Mikundi School to plan the construction of three new classrooms there.


Schools work involves a lot of ongoing teacher training and during Alice’s recent stay the focus was on assessment, using different tools and applying a range of methods to monitor the progress of the learners. Latterly disability awareness training has been delivered to teachers along with supplying necessary resources for children.


Much of the training provided by N4BW with both teachers and pupils, explores ways of mitigating the effects of climate change. An example was seen at Namisunju School where the vegetable gardens have developed, both as a learning project and to provide extra nutrition in the form of vegetables for the children.


Alice revisited the adult literacy group where the newest initiative the women have engaged in is a sewing project and they were very happy to show Alice the blouses and skirts they had made. One of the ladies who has recently learned to read proudly told Alice how she can now read stories to her grandchildren.


Lots of conversations took place between Alice and local community groups to consider ways in which N4BW can support the community during the next 10 years. Education remains high on the agenda along with projects that aid self-sufficiency.


Alice says, ‘The idea for the charity might have been mine in the first place but its success is due to the imagination, enthusiasm and hard work of those people who support N4BW both in UK and in Malawi. Those people come from all walks of life and kindly give in many ways, from acting as trustees, volunteering in Malawi and donating money.’


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Those people come from all walks of life and kindly give in many ways

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