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by Bishop Tom Neylon

One of the tasks of a bishop is to have a concern for the people, the religious, the priests and his brother bishops in other dioceses.  In the New Testament there is evidence from the early years of the Church that there was both a spiritual and a practical concern for the wider Church, as the number of Christian communities grew during the first missionary impulse.  If one part of the body is hurting the other parts come to its assistance.

During the past couple of months, I have had my experience and understanding of this reality deepened by the generous outreach of the people and priests of our Archdiocese towards those who are suffering in the Ukraine.  I was aware that Father Francis Marsden and the parishioners in Chorley had long established links with the Ukraine.  They were able to respond quickly to the needs that were emerging after the invasion.

Across the Archdiocese people were asking the question: ‘What can we do?’  All of us have found ways to respond through prayer, fasting and a practical charity.  The Archdiocese of Liverpool, you and me, put our hands in our pockets, donated much needed medical supplies, and other items that will be needed in the longer term, to those who are suffering.  As a brother bishop I was able to contact Bishop Gregory Komar auxiliary bishop of Drohobych, via WhatsApp, to express our solidarity with him and those who have sought refuge in his diocese from other parts of the Ukraine.
In the coming weeks and months may we continue to support our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Bishop Tom Neylon is a member of the Department for International Affairs of the Bishops Conference of England and Wales.

Bishop Tom will celebrate the 40th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood on Tuesday 31 May.  He was ordained by Pope St John Paul II in Heaton Park, Manchester and on his anniversary he will concelebrate Mass with those ordained alongside him at Our Lady of Grace church, Prestwich – the nearest church to Heaton Park.  We send our good wishes to him.


Concern for the other Churches

The generosity of people throughout the archdiocese has been a truly amazing