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Warm and cosy

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During the last month the ‘Warm and Cosy’ scheme in the archdiocese has been getting underway providing help and comfort to those trying to cope with the cost-of-living crisis and the colder weather and things are expanding already. 

Director of Finance for the archdiocese, Jill Boggan says, ‘One of the things that we’re doing at the moment is putting a rack in each parish centre, where if people wanted to donate a good quality winter coat that they no longer use, hats, gloves, scarves, it will be in that area. We’re calling it “complimentary winter warmers,” so that people can just take what they need if they want to, or they can donate something that they no longer need that might help someone else stay warm.’ 

Pat Nelson, assistant manager at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish Centre in Liverpool says, ‘we’ve had a good response with people coming in to keep warm, have a hot drink, a chat and an opportunity to meet new friends. We’re open for everybody, not just the Catholic community and we’re going to be distributing flyers throughout our local community to encourage people to come and join us between 1.00 pm and 3.30 pm on a Wednesday. 


‘In some cases, its about giving people the confidence to come in, but there’s always a great welcome and it’s definitely warm and cosy here.’ 


Marie, a visitor to Our Lady’s, was certainly happy with the welcome she received, ‘I love it here, all the people are lovely, and I talk to all of them – it’s always warm with a warm welcome.’ 


At St Jude’s Parish Centre in Wigan Manager, Suzanne Garswood, says, ‘We just want to bring out everybody who wants to come and have a chat and a cup of tea and a biscuit while enjoying good company. Everyone is welcome, people who may not have been out since covid, people who are generally on their own and people who need to keep warm – come down and join us and enjoy yourself.’ 


Jill Boggan says, ‘We can’t solve everything for everybody, but where we can do something in a practical way to help other people, it is hopefully fulfilling that, and it is an expression of us caring for others, especially during these very difficult times.’ 

A full list of opening times for the warm and cosy centres is available on the archdiocesan website at


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I love it here, all the people are lovely, and I talk to all of them - it's always warm with a warm welcome.

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