Mary did you know that one day your son would walk on water?

Cath Pic Jubilee Issue-1

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‘I had set out intending to write this column reflecting on the words of a Christmas hymn which I heard frequently throughout the festive period: ‘Mary did you know that one day your son would walk on water?’ The song reflects on the motherly relationship that Mary had with the child Jesus, pondering whether or not Our Lady was aware of what the Christ child would bring about in and for our world in the fullness of time.

Yet, as the gloomy spectre of war hangs once more over Europe, not for the first time in some of our lifetimes, my mind turns to the antiphon to Our Lady which is sung or said after night prayer during Lent: ‘Ave, Regina Caelorum’ or ‘Hail, O Queen of Heaven’. There we are reminded of the power of Mary’s prayers, she who is ‘Queen of Heaven’ and ‘Mistress of the Angels’. In our world, where mothers do not know what great – or terrible – things their children might go on to accomplish, we would do well to entrust all mothers and children to the intercessory power of Mary.

Her power is one rooted in selfless love, not greed; her dominion in heaven and over the angels is one of service, rather than the desire to dominate and subjugate; and she pleads for us to her Son with the love she bore for the same. This Lent, let us entrust the needs of our world, so consumed by war, hatred and greed, to the serving Queen of Heaven, the gentle Mistress of Angels.

I ask you to join me in saying a special prayer for peace:
‘Holy Mother, Queen of Peace,
Hear our prayer that war will cease,
Touch the hearts of violent men,
Teach them how to love again,
Through the grace of Christ, thy son,
Help the world to live as one.’

May the risen Lord hear and answer our prayers.

Maureen Finnegan,
Archdiocesan president

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