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News from around the Archdiocese of Liverpool



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From the Archbishop’s Desk

Last month the bishops of England and Wales went away for in-service training.  The subject of our time together was safeguarding.  We were led by survivors and experts to a greater understanding of the issues involved.  It was a pretty harrowing experience but there was light and hope despite


This month our main feature looks at the vital work of safeguarding in light of the Motu proprio ‘Vos estis lux mundi.’ ‘You are the light of the world…’ issued by Pope Francis

Cathedral Record

June is always one of the busiest months of the year for annual diocesan and national services at the Cathedral and this year is no exception

On a liturgical note

Canon Philip Gillespie

The first weeks of June here at the Beda are very full and busy as our top year pack up their rooms, ready for their return to their respective countries

Sunday thoughts    

Mgr John Devine OBE

An evening meeting prevented me from travelling from the Isle of Man for the funeral of Canon John Gaine

Father Chris Thomas

Just recently I was invited into a prison in the North of England to talk about mercy and I met an extraordinary man called Peter.


Kate from the Animate Gap Year Team reflects on the Easter journeys that helped to refuel her faith

Mums the Word

The picture shows our new Archdiocesan president, Mrs Maureen Finnegan of St Margaret Mary’s Foundation

Liverpool Knights mark centenary


We are now well into our centenary year which started with an Inaugural Mass at the Church of Our Holy Redeemer, Clydebank on 21 October last year and will conclude with Mass at St Andrew’s Cathedral, Glasgow on 5 October

Justice & Peace

‘I urgently appeal, then, for a new dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet. We need a conversation which includes everyone, since the environmental challenge we are undergoing, and its human roots, concern and affect us all” (Pope Francis, Laudato si’ 14)


Jessy Carolina


Honduran who followed her heart … all the way to Liverpool

Nugent - Catholic Bishops call for common action on the housing crisis

Shared from Caritas Social Action Network In November, Rt Rev Terence Drainey ...

Letter from Wonersh

This month I find myself on placement with Father David Potter at the parish of St Albert the Great, Stockbridge Village.

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