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by Father Dominic Curran

Saint Oscar Romero Parish, Seaforth and Waterloo, celebrated a week of prayer honouring its Patron and reflecting on how his example can inspire us to follow Christ more closely as a new parish.  Last year the parish was honoured to be able to host the Archdiocesan Romero Mass. However, due to restrictions we were unable to come together and celebrate properly our new Parish community.

The week began with Mass on 16 March, in Saint Edmund of Canterbury church, celebrated by Bishop Thomas Neylon.  The concluding Vigil Mass for Saint Oscar Romero’s feast, on 23 March, in Our Lady Star of the Sea church, was celebrated by Archbishop Malcolm McMahon.

Mass began with representatives of the different ministries and groups that make up our parish bringing forward symbols of their ministry.  From liturgical ministries to groups who engage in outreach locally such as the SVP, as well as nationally and globally with the Justice and Peace group, Cafod and Missio.

One of the most recognisable symbols of El Salvador where Romero was Archbishop are ‘Romero Crosses’.  These are incarnational in design, having Christ in the centre, while around him are images representing salvation history and the community who created them.

Prior to our ‘Romero week’, supported by the ‘Romero Trust’ we held a competition, in our parish Primaries and Sacred Heart Catholic College, to design parish ‘Romero Crosses’.  The winning designs of the primary school competition are being combined into a parish Children’s Liturgy of the Word cross.  Whilst the winning designs from Sacred Heart were merged into a large parish Romero Cross, which was blessed by Archbishop Malcolm during our Mass.  The winning design from Sacred Heart College combined two/three students’ designs, and incorporates images of Crosby beach, the ‘Lambanana’ and both the Anglican and Catholic cathedrals.

During his homily Archbishop Malcolm challenged us to be inspired by our new Patron, saying, ‘You know: Pope Francis tells us that if we want to save our Church, to find Jesus Christ, to live fulfilled lives as Christians, what do we do?  He says we go to the poor, because it is there, in them, through a meaningful engagement that we discover Jesus Christ.

‘There are so many issues which confront us, but we have as Christians to stand up for what we believe, and that is not always going to be popular… we find ourselves in a place that is not quite how we’d like it to be, to be open, warm and welcoming, to be someone who stands up for justice, someone who stands by the poor, and those who are dispossessed, to stand up for peace: it all takes guts.  We all do this in the way we can, in whatever situation we find ourselves.  But whoever we are … there is something that every one of us can do to be like Jesus, to be outward going, to look outwards towards people, to give them a glimpse of the love of Jesus Christ.  So we thank God for this Patron of our Parish, Oscar Romero, and for everyone in this Parish of Saint Oscar Romero who will continue to be a witness to the love and mercy of Jesus Christ.’


Celebrating St Oscar Romero

But whoever we are … there is something that every one of us can do to be like Jesus