I am so incredibly proud and pleased that the conference was truly a huge success

St Joseph Catholic Multi Academy Trust hosted its first annual conference on 4 July to set out its ambitious vision for the future.  The Trust is run in partnership with the Archdiocese of Liverpool, the Diocese of Shrewsbury and the Diocese of Chester and was set up by the Department for Education to improve the life chances of young people in the area. It has been designed to take on new schools faster than traditional academy trusts and is already made up of six schools with a seventh joining in September.

The inaugural annual conference brought together staff, governors, trustees and the Trust’s central team to the University of Liverpool to reflect on their successful journey so far and their plans moving forward.

The Trust set a theme of ‘vision for excellence’ for the conference, which was a golden thread that informed each discussion and workshop as they embedded their strategy for their ambitious journey as one family.

The day started with a beautiful Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Following this, Sr Judith Russi SSMN gave an inspiring speech to the conference that encapsulated the ethos of the Trust and the goal of the day in encouraging the Trust’s community to be ‘fired up and ready to go’.

Throughout the day, attendees were invited to take part in highly relevant and thought-provoking workshops that were hosted by industry experts from across the sector, including representatives from Ofsted, The Department for Education, Ark Curriculum Plus, and The Ambition Institute.

These workshops focused on curriculum, servant leadership, finance and attendance as well as other areas of school life. Each of the workshops’ themes were underpinned by one of the Trust’s five key priorities, which are Christ at the centre, every child a reader, ambitious curriculum, culture for success and improving attendance.

Following the conference, staff across the Trust are excited and geared up for the year ahead as they look forward to utilising their learnings from the day to fulfil the Trust’s mission of transforming children’s lives through education.

Andrew Truby, CEO of St Joseph Catholic Multi Academy Trust, said: “I am so incredibly proud and pleased that the conference was truly a huge success. Every person working within our Trust plays an integral part in our mission, so it was a priority for us to offer workshops that would be valuable to each of them.

“Our Trust’s core theme of one family was so clearly present throughout the conference, and it has created a real buzz as we drive forward with our ambitious vision for each of our schools.”

St Joseph’s six schools are: St Chad’s Catholic and Church of England Academy in Halton; Holy Spirit Catholic Academy in Sefton; St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Academy in St Helens; and St Ambrose Catholic Academy, St Nicholas’s Catholic Academy and The Trinity Catholic Academy, all in Liverpool. The Trust is looking forward to welcoming Holy Family Catholic Primary School in Wigan on 1 September.

An overview of the Trust’s key priorities and its vision for driving excellence in each of its schools can be found here:


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St Joseph Catholic Multi Academy Trust hosts innovative conference as it sets out its ‘vision for excellence’