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There is a serious message here; this is the future of technology, and girls, in particular, are that future. 

St John Bosco Arts College, Croxteth, has become the first UK school to trial advanced robotics technology. 

At just under 1.3 meters tall, intelligent delivery robot BellaBot has previously been employed by the hospitality industry. 

The school partnered with leading technology company GW Robotics to introduce robots that offer many potential applications within schools.  

The robot can assist in getting equipment around, work in the library and recommend books to students, and serve as a guide to visitors around the school. BellaBot’s unique AI voice can also create positive emotional connections with staff and students. 

Darren Gidman, headteacher at St John Bosco Arts College, said: "We believe this initiative will revolutionise the learning experience at our school, as it will help us inculcate our values of love, faith, community, respect, and hope in their hearts and minds.” 

The robot technology will also provide an exciting opportunity for students to develop valuable skills and expertise that will prepare them for the rapidly evolving job market. 

Joan McCarthy, Director of Education, Archdiocese of Liverpool, was keen to see how the robot would encourage more girls into the workforce. 

She said: “There is a serious message here; this is the future of technology, and girls, in particular, are that future.  

“Only 26% of young girls are involved in this type of workforce at the moment, so it’s really important to us that the girls get the opportunity to experience this technology first-hand, learn more about how it works, and maybe consider moving into this as a career.” 

Stephen Johnson, Business Manager at St John Bosco Arts College, said that GW Robotics has been so impressed with Bella's successful development that they have agreed to extend the trial.  


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Liverpool school trials advanced robotics technology to improve student learning 

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