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Welcome to our new priest


It was an ordination with a difference. Social-distancing requirements had made sure of that, with just 16 people present in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel of the Metropolitan Cathedral on Saturday 28 June. Yet it was an ordination as special as any other

Hospice thanks its volunteers


For volunteers across the country, the Covid-19 crisis has meant the closing of doors to many of the places where they make such valuable contributions – and St Joseph’s Hospice in Thornton

How I spent lockdown knitting teddies for charity


After lockdown meant that Gill McMullen was stuck inside, she decided to use the time to create handcrafted teddies for charity

Synod 2020


As you know the word Synod comes from two Greek words which can be translated as together on the road, together on the way, on the path, on the journey.  When we set off on the Synod 2020 journey with the words: ‘together on the road

Cautious reopening of our churches 


The Archdiocese has issued a leaflet on what to expect on the reopening of our churches.

The leaflet entitled: ‘Cautious reopening of our churches - what to expect’

St John Fisher rise to the challenge


Staff and pupils at St John Fisher Primary School in Knowsley Village are celebrating being awarded an Area of Excellence for vision and leadership

Catholic Pic Tours 2021


The Catholic Pic announces two special pilgrimages for readers for 2021, in association with Northern Star Travel

Share your lockdown stories


‘A snapshot of what we’ve all been through.’ This is how Kenny Lawler describes the collection that he and Father Simon Gore are compiling of people’s lockdown experiences

Annual Civic Mass


Archbishop Malcolm McMahon celebrated the Annual Civic Mass at 11.00 am on Sunday 23 February in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King

The gloom is real but faith can shine a light


The Coronavirus, despite the advances in treatment, continues to influence almost every imaginable aspect of our daily lives. As we attempt to rebuild our society

Obituary of Rev Bernard Eager


Father Bernard Eager, who served as parish priest of St Catherine of Siena, Lowton for over twenty-four years died on Monday 29 June at St John’s House (De La Salle Brothers), St Helens,

Car Park

Corpus Christi


For the feast of Corpus Christi Our Lady’s Parish, Gateacre put a modern day twist on an ancient tradition of outdoor veneration of the Blessed Sacrament

Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral re-opens


Archbishop Malcolm formally re-opened the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King at 12.00 noon on Wednesday 1 July.  After leading a short prayer

Archbishops’ Letter on Resumption of Collective Worship


The Metropolitan Archbishops of the Catholic Church in England have issued a letter regarding the resumption of collective worship in England

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