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Female students from The Academy of St Francis of Assisi, which is part of All Saints Multi Academy Trust, have created a computer coding club following a visit from award-winning technologist, Lady Mariéme Jamme.

Lady Mariéme Jamme is a Senegalese-born, French-British businesswoman, who is a pioneer in system change and technology. She is passionate about empowering girls and inspiring them to follow careers in STEM.

Lady Mariéme has recently launched a new initiative, iamCODE, which aims to get one million girls into coding by 2030, as she believes it is a universal language and skill that can be recognised worldwide.

Having been to The Academy of St Francis of Assisi in November, Lady Mariéme recently returned to speak to female students about her own career and held a Q&A session with them where they got to ask her a range of questions.

Lady Mariéme was taken aback by the girls’ interest and eagerness to be involved in iamCODE and chose to donate four computers to the academy. This has enabled Miss Haig, subject leader of ICT, to form a coding club to allow the girls to pursue their interest in computer programming.

Miss Haig said: “We are so grateful to Lady Mariéme for donating four new computers to The Academy of St Francis of Assisi. The girls were in awe of her incredible story and were very keen to find out more about her and how they can be part of the iamCODE movement.
“We have now set up a coding club which will take place every Wednesday lunchtime. The girls will get to choose the types of projects they work on which is important as it will give them experience of planning and managing tasks independently.”

Miss Haig added: “We’ve started to build a really great relationship with Lady Mariéme and I hope this continues when she visits us next time.”

ASFA students inspired to form computer coding club

The girls will get to choose the types of projects they work on