The aim for science day was to grow the children’s love, enthusiasm and knowledge for science

Much Woolton Catholic Primary in Liverpool celebrated British STEM week with a range of investigations, visitors and workshops.  
The science week which last took place at the school in 2019, proved a great success, and resulted in a real buzz for science around the school. It was a great opportunity for cross-curricular learning with children producing some of their best work across all subjects. Now that COVID bubble restrictions in schools have been lifted they were keen to emulate this learning experience for all children.
Head of school Mrs Marie Wilson said: “The aim for science day was to grow the children’s love, enthusiasm and knowledge for science in the wide world. Understanding that science is all around us and plays a huge part in our everyday life.  
“Staff planned a whole day of fun and exciting experiments for pupils to take part in. The idea behind their personally designed lab coats was, firstly, to encourage a link between home and school learning whilst also inspiring our children to become real life, little scientists that day and fully immerse themselves into the role of making predictions, asking questions, experimenting and investigating.
“Science day aroused the whole school’s enthusiasm for science. There was an infectious buzz around the building and it was evident that the children were inspired and eager to experiment with new things, seek answers to their endless questions whilst being curious about everything within their sight.”  
One parent commented in the morning that: “Designing the lab coat with my child was a brilliant experience. We talked about the different areas of science as we drew and my son taught me something new.”  
Katie Deeny, who is the school’s science lead at Much Woolton, said: “Our aim was to grow the children’s love and enthusiasm for science knowledge and learning.  
“During science day, each year group had a day filled with scientific investigations ranging from making slime, launching rockets and racing balloons across the playground. They even had a visit from a local musician who, through music, taught the children how sounds travel to our ears.  
“The children absolutely loved science day and from the awe and wonder on their faces it is evident that their enthusiasm for science has definitely grown.”


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