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By Mary Beatham and Marie Reynolds (Caritas in Nugent)


The Eucharistic congress was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect as a Catholic and to reflect upon what it means to be a pilgrim on a journey with thousands of others renewing our Eucharistic faith together, which is at the heart of the mission of our Church.


It was an occasion to meet many incredible people, at the arena and at the parallel programme events, as on any journey and pilgrimage, it is always wonderful to meet people along the way to talk, to share and to walk with them, even if it’s just for a short time at a different pace.


On Saturday at St Anne’s and St Bernard’s church on Overbury Street, in the heart of the city, different workshops were led by Nugent. ‘In Our Liverpool Home’ was sung at a concert on the Friday night, along with ‘O Happy Day’ and many more catchy tunes as we celebrated the diversity of the people of our Archdiocese.  Saturday morning catechists and volunteers brought alive the word of God in scripture, music, song, drama, BSL for people and parents living with learning disabilities.  The day expressed how we are all one body living and strengthened in Christ, through the Eucharist, in a faith that recognises the presence of Christ in the Eucharist and in one another.


On Saturday afternoon, we opened up Epsom Street and worked in partnership with Justice and Peace as they led a session on making bread, later in the day we gave a talk at St Anthony’s Scotland Road about the Community Sponsorship Scheme.


The Eucharistic Congress Mass on Sunday was an amazing, uplifting and beautiful experience.  Nugent provided interpreters of the Mass for deaf, and supported servers on the altar with disabilities.  It was followed by the Eucharistic procession and pilgrimage, led by the Cardinal and Archbishop Malcolm who called us to go out with courage, as we are all sinners, renewed and strengthened in faith and love in the Holy Eucharist.  As the procession turned down Hope Street the torrential rain stopped, the sun appeared, the real presence of the Holy Spirit could be felt as the Cardinal, and all the clergy assembled at the top of the cathedral steps to conclude with exposition and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  It was a very sacred holy moment always to be remembered as the bells of the cathedral finally rang out in joy.


Many friendships were made over this week end, and memories shared. It was truly a wonderful experience and affirmation of all the work Nugent does in Christ’s name.  We are the body of Christ, working together and strengthened by the Eucharist we continue to be challenged in our work as Nugent to make Christ’s love known to all.


A special thank you to Father Peter Morgan and all at St Anne’s for their wonderful welcome and support.

Nugent at the Parallel Programme

The Eucharistic Congress Mass on Sunday was an amazing, uplifting and beautiful experience

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