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It is that time of year again, when the children begin to think about returning to school, and when we start to think about bringing our winter jumpers out of storage.  This time of year is particularly exciting for Nugent.


This year, our 4th annual Nugent Strictly event will be held at Anfield Stadium on November 2nd.  This is a great event where individuals from our community courageously learn a dance that they didn’t know before and then come together to compete against one another to raise funds and awareness for Nugent.  


In years past we have had Parish Priests (thank you Father Conor!), school Chaplains, parishioners, Nugent Staff, and other greatly supportive members of our community take part.  Last year, in line with our intentions from the Bishops Conference and the Caritas Social Action network, we raised funds to help those who are looking to access accommodation.


When we want to purchase new goods for our own family home, we may go online or to the shop to browse what set of plates or a table-cloth may suit our liking.  Choice, is a great privilege, and often one I sometimes reflect on.  Traditional charity has provided goods and services to those in need of assistance, without much choice, providing what is available at the time.  

Current thinking is about turning this thinking on its head and facilitating the choice for the person in need.  This creates an even greater sense of dignity. Of course, each individual circumstance is unique and one perspective or reflection could not possibly cover all of the wonderfully distinctive experiences of those wanting to help or those needing help.


You can help Nugent to help others by donating to our Charity Shop at 73 Allerton Road (or even volunteering at our Charity Shop), volunteering at one of our many services, or even dancing in our Nugent Strictly in November.  See our website www.wearenugent.org for more details or call Marie Reynolds on 0151 261 2000 regarding volunteering opportunities.  Thank you, as always, for your support of Nugent.


Normandie Wragg

Chief Executive Officer


Strictly Nugent

Choice, is a great privilege, and often one I sometimes reflect on

n wragg