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On 4 December 2019, I attended a launch of two major new resources on care in our ageing society at a gathering in London, co-ordinated by Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN).  Many directors and diocesan representatives, including myself and other representatives from Nugent, in the Caritas network also contributed evidence to the report.  In this report, we highlight the challenges with funding and that non statutory providers are offering making up the difference for the true cost of care.


The following information has been provided by CSAN:

First, the ‘Care in Time’ report explores how senior leaders of Catholic organisations can address the increasing concerns of charities and carers about the prospects for the care of older people in England and Wales.  Longer lives are a great sign of progress, creating new opportunities in our society.  But challenges remain, from developing positive attitudes to ageing and public awareness of care, to the impacts of regulation and markets on care provided by Catholic organisations among others.


In the report, Peter Kevern, Professor of Values in Social Care at Staffordshire University, has extended Catholic social thought on ageing in our national context.  Dr Kathryn Hodges, an independent consultant and researcher, completed field research with residents in care homes, religious sisters and working age adults in Catholic parishes, in three areas of England.


Secondly, ‘Reaching Out’ offers parishes and groups some guidance on discerning and organising local group-based social activities that older people feel right for them.  This resource is a fruit of a three-year collaboration: the Embrace Project, between Caritas Salford, Catholic Care (Diocese of Leeds), Father Hudson’s Care and the national team in CSAN, with over 20 activities established by Catholic parishes involving over 1,000 people of all ages within and beyond the Catholic community.


The new resources are available to download (www.csan.org.uk/policy/care/ ):

For Care in Time and accompanying reports, please see CSAN’s publications page (under Older People).  Reaching Out: Older people and Catholic parishes making memories together.  Further pointers for practical action in local churches are offered on the CSAN site as ‘Resources for parishes and groups’.


The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales welcomed the conclusions of ‘Care in Time’ at their plenary meeting in November 2019, and in a joint resolution:

• Noted the need for increased national co-ordination to counter negative portrayals of ageing, frailty and care.  In addition, the Bishops’ Conference recognised the need to develop Catholic care provision that attends to longevity, changing patterns in household formation, parish attendance and pastoral ministry;

• Supported the creation of a plan to maintain, and where possible enhance, provision for care of older people, and encouraged the joint discernment of the Conference of Religious, Diocesan Financial Secretaries, the Catholic Trust for England and Wales, and Caritas Social Action Network in this work.

I hope that you find this information useful.


Normandie Wragg

Chief Executive Officer



‘May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary of Europe, take in one family.’  Pope Francis.


Following Pope Francis’s call to action asking parishioners to welcome and help resettle refugees, Nugent has been working to put local communities at the heart of a family’s journey to a new life in the UK through the Home Office Community Sponsorship scheme.


It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the global scale of the refugee crisis, but through Community Sponsorship, people come together to welcome families into their local areas and support them to find housing, jobs, schools and doctors, and empower them to become self-sufficient. (https://resetuk.org/)/


Community Sponsorship harnesses the generosity of local people.  It breaks down barriers and offers critical support to refugees, who have experienced immense hardship and heartache.


Nugent is the lead sponsor for Community Sponsorship in the Archdiocese of Liverpool, we have been blessed with over 100 parish volunteers coming forward to welcome and sponsor a family in their local community.  Five parishes are currently involved with CSS, and to date we have welcomed 17 refugees in 4 families, our first family arrived in December 2018.


Each family is supported by a team of over 20 parish volunteers, enabling each family member to settle, integrate into the local community and build a new life here in the Archdiocese.


Parish volunteers typically describe the experience as ‘the best thing I have ever done in my life’ and speak of the profound joy and blessing of befriending families of such immense courage, resilience and determination.


The Home Office and Local Authorities have been impressed with the patience, professionalism and dedication of Catholic projects.  With training and support from Nugent, these projects are increasingly seen as exemplars of best practice in this important work.


‘The community sponsorship scheme personalises a huge, human drama, by enabling local communities to welcome and support refugees in a real and tangible way.’  Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

Care in an ageing society

But challenges remain, from developing positive attitudes to ageing and public awareness of care

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