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Dancing is my hobby, it provides me with fun physical exercise and I truly enjoy the people that I see, week on week, in both lessons and whilst socialising.  Recently, whilst on leave, I was volunteering my time in Valencia.  I was there for a continuing professional development course, on how to teach community based dancing.


My session, during this week, was about business skills and sustainability in relation to dance communities.  In our conversations, during the presentation and during the week, building and developing communities became a golden thread conversation.  Groups of people work to support each other more, where there is a sense of community, fellowship, belonging and understanding.  It is when there is co-production of community that more people make a decision to become involved and to contribute.


At Nugent we are co-developing community food markets where people can come together, in fellowship, to eat, share and support each other.  We also had a WeAreNugent week (June 23rd to 30th) with many events where our staff and volunteers shared with each other their stories weaved into the experience of working for a charity that they are proud of.  I saw a hashtag on social media whilst I was away. It read #NugentProud.  How wonderful.


During the week I made a commitment to volunteer my time to get to know our teams even better and share in that community pride.


If you would like to join in our future activities, please see our website: www.wearenugent.org


Normandie Wragg

Chief Executive Officer



Good Shepherd appeal 2019


This year’s Good Shepherd Appeal has been inspiring school students across the region to help raise funds for Nugent under the theme, ‘The Good Samaritan: Join the journey, walk in faith’.


At the very heart of Nugent, we believe that every person is treated with love, respect and dignity.  The Good Shepherd Appeal enables schools and parishes to work alongside us and actively engage young people to work together to help us to continue the loving and essential work started in our Archdiocese by Father Nugent.


Our team has been out visiting schools to speak at assemblies and have spoken to over 6,000 primary, junior and senior students about the Good Shepherd Appeal to encourage them to get involved and think of ideas for events and activities to raise funds.


Students at all the schools taking part have really used their imagination and come up with some amazing ideas that their friends and staff can take part in, from an Easter Bonnet parade, a spring fair, Nugent Cookie sales, weekly Good Shepherd market, and a Bunny Hop, to name a few.


We have currently received over £11,000 from these fantastic and fun projects, events and activities organised by the students and staff across 27 schools in the Archdiocese, which is amazing.  Our Good Shepherd masses took place in June with over 30 schools at the Cathedral and over 1,000 people attending with 500 attending the mass at Leyland.


A big thank you to all the schools involved from everyone at Nugent, we are overwhelmed by your inspiring ideas and by the hard work you have all put in.


At Nugent we are co-developing community food markets

n wragg