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The Metropolitan Cathedral’s girl choristers celebrated their 10th anniversary on Sunday 17 November.  Former choristers joined with the current girl choristers in singing the Communion Motet, ‘Panis Angelicus’ by Cesar Franck at the Solemn Mass and Choral Evening Prayer in the afternoon.


The tradition of boy choristers singing in English Cathedrals stretches back to the middle ages.  The advent of girl choristers is a much more recent development, and in 2008 the Cathedral Choir School, St Edward’s College, was keen to offer the girls the same opportunities as the boys regarding choral places at the College in line with developments at many other choir schools throughout the country.


During the last ten years, nearly 100 girls have sung in the choir, and the choir has travelled to Germany and Italy, broadcast on BBC Radio and appeared on several CD’s.  All of this is in addition to the regular weekly routine of rehearsals and liturgies in the Cathedral.  Several former girl choristers have gone onto study music at university, building on the foundations they gained from being a chorister.


Director of Music, Dr Christopher McElroy, said, ‘today Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral offers the only chance in the United Kingdom for girl choristers to have the opportunity to rehearse and sing on a daily basis in a Catholic Cathedral.  Our special Choral Evening Prayer gave us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this and all the achievements of the last ten years.’

Cathedrals Girl Choristers celebrate 10th anniversary

nearly 100 girls have sung in the choir

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