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Joseph Tipping from Penwortham received a Blessing from Pope Francis on his 80th birthday.  


The blessing was presented at Mass on the Feast of Our Lady of Divine Providence at Cardinal Heenan House, Roby Mill, Upholland.  Joseph worked with the Sons of Divine Providence for 25 years, during which time he visited Kenya twice.


He continues to support the missionary work by selling flower bulbs from November to March each year to feed clothe and educate children in Africa where approximately 500 children need support.  The proceeds from the sale of each pot will feed a child for 2 to 3 days.


Joseph also gives talks in local schools and is a supporter of the 7.30 pm First Friday Mass which is celebrated at the Farm House, Roby Mill.  He can be contacted be email at: tipping.joseph@gmail.com

Papal Blessing for Joseph

He continues to support the missionary work