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Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School in Liverpool have taken part in the Premier League's 'Draw Together Challenge' aimed at empowering children to help and support others who face discrimination.


The scheme sees primary school pupils across England and Wales encouraged to draw or paint a picture on the theme of allyship, detailing the positive action they will take to help challenge discriminatory behaviour, wherever they see it.


As part of the initiative, Helen Raley-Williams, headteacher of Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School invited CBeebies presenter Ben Cajee to talk to a Year 6 class about his personal experiences of racism.


Helen Raley-Williams said: “All children should be heard and be able to explain how being discriminated makes them feel. Being open and allowing discussions about discrimination supports the children's mental health and reinforces the fact that it is totally unacceptable to discriminate against another human being.”


Ben Cajee, CBeebies presenter, said: “Having faced discrimination myself when at school, I know first-hand the importance of education on this issue.


“To have videos of Premier League footballers talking about the 'Draw Together Challenge' and their own experiences of racism and the importance of looking out for each other as part of this challenge, is key in showing children how vital it is for us all to support others. It's something I would have appreciated at that age.”


Nick Perchard, Premier League head of community, said: “The Premier League Draw Together Challenge will enable children and teachers in classrooms up and down the country to have safe and open conversations about racism and the detrimental impact that discrimination has.


“We hope this will encourage children to create artwork and pledges that demonstrate their support for others and will lead to further discussions with family members and friends about the importance of us all playing our part in helping to tackle racism.”


You can watch a video of Ben Cajee's visit to Holy Trinity Primary School here:



The challenge will run until Friday 11 June 2021 and teachers are able to submit artwork on behalf of their class at Key Stage 1 (5 to 7-year-olds) or as individual submissions for Key Stage 2 pupils (7 to 11-year-olds), via the online teacher form on the Premier League Primary Stars website: plprimarystars.com.

Local catholic school takes part in Premier League challenge

All children should be heard and be able to explain how being discriminated makes them feel

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