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Parishioner, Margaret Kerby, reflects on the celebrations at St Thomas of Canterbury, Waterloo.


As Archbishop Malcolm McMahon, three deacons and ten other priests who all had associations with the parish of St Thomas of Canterbury, stood on the sanctuary, Father Dominic Curran, parish priest, received from our school’s RE Ambassadors, a key, a shell and a dustpan.  These were in addition to the more obvious artefacts relating to the varied roles of parish workers in the life of our church.  These included a Lectionary, a pyx, a collecting bag, a hymn book and a cup and saucer.  These symbols illustrated the commitment of parishioners over the 150 years since the founding of the parish.


The music for the service was provided by Ben, our regular organist, and also the Footsteps Folk group, who began at St Thomas’s in the 1970s, and took this opportunity for a reunion, as they no longer play together regularly at any of the local churches.  On display at the side altar was the parish relic of St Thomas of Canterbury, suitably decorated with floral arrangements.


At the rear of the church was a display, researched and prepared by parishioners, telling the story of the church, from the first mission chapel in 1868, through the first ambitious design, subsequent donations and funding from groups and individuals, adaptation of the design, and the construction of the present church. The re-ordering of the church in 1982 is illustrated, as is the further renovation carried out in 2007.


The displays also included articles about the parish priests who have been entrusted with the stewardship of the church and the pastoral care of the people of Waterloo during the last 150 years.


Overall, this was a most enjoyable and uplifting evening, re-affirming and strengthening the bonds of friendship and commitment which bind us together as ‘a worshipping community’, giving everyone present a true sense of belonging to a ‘living church’.

150th anniversary at St Thomas of Canterbury

Overall, this was a most enjoyable and uplifting evening

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