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Cardinal Michael Fitzgerald MAfr from St Vincent de Paul parish, Liverpool and formerly Secretary to the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, has compiled a booklet ‘Accompanying Ramadan’ which has its roots in a parish project.  He writes:


‘Ramadan, the ninth month of the year according to the lunar calendar followed by Muslims, is started in April.  It is a holy month, marked especially by a fast each day during the hours of light.  This way of fasting sets Muslims apart from others.


‘In the southern Philippines, on the island of Mindano which has a large Muslim population, the Christians devised a programme which they called Duyog Ramadan, “Accompanying Ramadan”.  The idea was taken from music.  When people sing, they are often accompanied by someone playing the guitar.  The guitarist doesn’t necessarily sing, but he or she backs up the singers by strumming.  In a similar way Christians, who are not observing Ramadan, can accompany the Muslims who are doing so.


‘Last year the priests and people of St Vincent de Paul parish, in Liverpool, decided to do just this.  They wished to accompany their Muslim brothers and sisters, especially by their prayers.  In order to sustain this effort some information about Ramadan, or about Islam in general, was provided every day on the parish Facebook account.  It is these daily posts that have been collected in the booklet presented.


‘Each post is in two parts.  There is first some brief information about some aspect of Islam; this is followed by a multiple-answer question.  The answer to this question is given after the next post.’

The booklet is available online at http://www.liverpoolcatholic.org.uk/dialogue-unity

Accompanying Ramadan

They wished to accompany their Muslim brothers and sisters, especially by their prayers