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Young people involved in the Faith in Action award at St Benet’s, Netherton, appealed to parishioners on behalf of the Whitechapel centre as part of their Christmas appeal for the homeless.


They were overwhelmed by donations from parishioners and their friends and local colleges and cannot thank them enough for their support.  Over the course of three weeks, 120 Christmas bags were made and donated to the Whitechapel Centre.  10 Christmas stockings and 7 bags for dogs were also donated as well as clothing, towels, shaving equipment and 250 soups and coffee for the street team to distribute.


The group were also able to send 15 bags to the Southport soup kitchen, as well as a donation of toiletries and 4 treat bags for dogs.


This project began as a response to the second reflection point ‘Loving our neighbour is loving Jesus’ where the young people reflected on ways in which they can be the face of Christ to those around them.


Pat, one of the award coordinators at St Benet’s, said ‘I am extremely proud of the young people, and how much they want to help others.  It has been great to see how the young people involved in the award have grown in confidence from one level of the award to the next and how much more they want to do for others from being a part of the award scheme.’

St Benet’s Faith in Action Group Homeless Appeal

They were overwhelmed by donations from parishioners

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