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Thanks to its incredible supporters and volunteers in the UK and around the world, the global school feeding charity, Mary’s Meals, reached the landmark of providing a daily nutritious meal to over two million children living in some of the world’s poorest countries on 8 September.


Pupils from Our Lady's Catholic Primary School in Prescot, are among supporters from around the world, who are celebrating the achievement.  The school is currently supporting the charity’s Backpack Project which encourages people to fill backpacks with essential education items that are shipped to children receiving Mary’s Meals.


Mary’s Meals provides food in a place of education to help even the most vulnerable children to attend school and concentrate in lessons, giving them the freedom to learn and the chance to fulfil their potential.


Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, founder and CEO of Mary’s Meals, said: ‘Today we celebrate an amazing moment in the Mary’s Meals story as two million children ate Mary’s Meals in a place of education.  For every one of those children, many more are still waiting for Mary’s Meals to come to their school, but this happy day shows us that this vision of ours is possible.’


Mr Boyle, headteacher at Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, said: “Within education we all strive to give the children in our care the best chances in life and to offer opportunities to achieve their dreams. Mary’s Meals help to ensure that the basic need of nutrition is met so that children from the developing world are ready to learn and achieve their full potential.


“The children at Our Lady’s learned of the wonderful work that Mary’s Meals do through a presentation assembly led by Anna Dunne from Mary’s Meals in school which created an infectious buzz throughout our community and a burning desire to help those who have less than we have.


“The children said that they were proud that all elements of Our Lady’s mission statement, “Loving, Learning and Reaching Out to All”, would be encompassed in helping to contribute to the Mary’s Meals Appeal.”


The work of Mary’s Meals began in 2002 and the charity’s growth is fuelled by countless acts of kindness from people from all walks of life as it reaches out to children in the greatest need, often working with local partner organisations in more remote or challenging areas.


Mary’s Meals not only feeds huge numbers of children attending schools in Africa, but also brings daily meals to children finding hope in non-formal education centres in India; the sons and daughters of vulnerable migrant workers in Thailand; young people engaging in education while awaiting trial in prisons in Niger and Madagascar; children affected by the conflict in Syria – through feeding programmes in Aleppo and neighbouring Lebanon; and many thousands of young learners in Haiti, which has been plagued by years of political unrest and natural disasters, most recently a major earthquake.


To find out more about the work of Mary’s Meals and how to get involved visit www.marysmeals.org.uk 

Merseyside pupils celebrate Mary’s Meals two million milestone

The children at Our Lady’s learned of the wonderful work that Mary’s Meals do