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Each year St Aidan’s Catholic Primary School in Wigan support a range of charities and made a very special link with Fur Clemt, a local organisation that is fastidiously dedicated to reducing edible food reaching landfill or animal feed by intercepting from wholesalers, producers, manufacturers and retails, and making it available to the public through 'Pay As You Feel' cafes and 'Food Outlets' across the Wigan Borough.


Children, their families and friends donated items to support the homeless in Wigan.  The response was incredible with a range of items from warm clothing, hot-water bottles, toiletries and even food and treats for dogs being sent into the school.  


Senior prefects were able to take an incredible amount of items to Fur Clemt and they began to split them up into individual bags with a range of items to be given to the homeless.  These personalised bags were distributed via the police station and hospital where there is a true and desperate need.


Whilst the children were there, they were fascinated by the amount of food and other items that were being sold that would otherwise end up in landfill.  They were shown around the café and shop and were astonished by the range of items that were perfect beyond an outdated ‘sell-by date’ or because shops would have sent them to landfill to make room on their shelves.  They returned to school with many ideas to get the message out to more people and support an incredibly worthwhile cause.

St Aidan’s links with Fur Clemt

Children, their families and friends donated items to support the homeless in Wigan