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An environmental group the ‘Eco Emeralds’ at All Saints Primary School, Ainfield, showed their passion about promoting environmental awareness and nature conservation with a ‘Bee-Day’ awareness event.


Teacher and event organiser, Lesley Donohue, said: “The children have showed concern for many different and important issues both locally and globally.


“During this 2019 the children were made aware of the serious plight of bees and during the summer term the whole school planted flowers to help them to find food and shelter.


“The ‘Eco Emeralds’ were then delighted when the Iceland charity foundation group invited them to help solve this problem on a much bigger scale.


“The group worked along side the foundation to develop a national campaign that would promote awareness of the plight of our bees and inspire people to plant more flowers that would give bees much needed habitats and source of food.


“The Eco Emeralds also worked locally by holding a school bee-day with all staff and children dressing in black and yellow. The day was dedicated to the celebration of the importance of bees and full of fun bee-themed activities”.


At the end of the day the school hosted a ‘community eco event’ filled with activities that would inform and inspire children, their families and members of the local community to think about making changes in their everyday lives that may help to protect our environment.

Bee-day at All Saints

The whole school planted flowers to help them to find food and