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Cath Pic Jubilee Issue-1

by Peter Ross


We are all living in very strange circumstances at the moment.  No matter who we are, our lives have been changed in some way.  I am certainly no exception to that reality.


On 17th March, Father Paul Keane, the Acting Rector, announced to us all that for the first time in its 224 year history, Oscott College was to close.  We left the College on Friday 20th March and we have yet to return.  I remember that immediately after hearing the announcement I felt extremely sad.  Sad because this change meant being separated from my brothers for an unknown amount of time.  


Initially, Father Paul envisaged that we would be back within a few weeks, but this vision faded not long afterwards.  The hope is now, that we will be able to return for at least one week at the end of June, in order for the yearly Diaconate Ordinations to take place.  If this can’t be realised, then it looks as though we will all be separated until September.


Since leaving College, I have been staying with my Parish Priest Father Ian McParland at St Margaret Mary, Knotty Ash.  I’ve been able to help him in his ministry to parishioners through the live streaming of Masses and services on YouTube.  We have been praying together and checking in with parishioners each day, so parish ministry continues here, albeit in a different way.


The College staff have also been keen to ensure that priestly formation continues during this time.  That’s why, for the past few weeks I’ve been tuning into live streamed lectures.  I was also able to take part in a Virtual Retreat, led by one of the College Spiritual Directors, Canon John Udris.  So, although we’re all away from Seminary, the work continues.


I have no doubt whatsoever that my difficulties are insignificant compared to those who are working on the front-line of this Pandemic.  Our Key Workers need so many prayers to keep them going, let’s continue in our prayerful support of them and let’s pray too that the Risen Lord, who is full of merciful love, will bring consolation and healing to our world.

Letter from Oscott

The College staff have also been keen to ensure that priestly formation continues