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It has been the practice of the Knights of St Columba in recent years to attend the Annual Memorial Mass at Harkirk Chapel in Little Crosby. This is a site of no little historical significance for Catholics: with those who refused to conform following the Reformation denied burial in their parish churchyards, the Blundell family of Crosby Hall provided land there for local Catholics as a burial ground.


This year’s Mass took place on 14 July and it provided an occasion to not only remember the dead from penal times; coming during our centenary celebrations and with the visit of the Fraternal Cross, we also took the opportunity to elevate three brothers to full knighthood.


For the outdoor Mass, celebrated outside the chapel, we were blessed to have Archbishop Malcolm McMahon, Emeritus Bishop John Rawsthorne and Fathers Dunston Harrington, John Cullen and Chris McCoy all with us to concelebrate the Mass. We wish to thank them all for finding the time in their busy schedules to be with us and we also thank the Squire of Blundell for allowing us to use such an historic setting.


Our photo shows Brothers Sean Morgan, Eric Parkin and Michael Turton (together on the left) following their elevation to full knighthood, along with the Mass celebrants and provincial grand knight Ray Pealing.


The Mass was followed by a centenary buffet held at St William of York Parish Centre arranged by provincial action and youth officer Alf Swain, whom we wish to thank.


Our thanks also go to provincial secretary Justin Malewesi who recorded a video of the Mass:



• Council 12/13 has succeeded in raising over £200 for Headway, a charity providing support for people who suffer brain injuries.


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Centenary celebrations continue with Harkirk Chapel Mass

This is a site of no little historical significance for Catholics