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During a recent visit to Rome I was struck by the youthfulness of the Church.  I don’t think this is simply because I am getting older, there just seemed to be young people everywhere I looked.  The young servers in the sacristy at St Peter’s greeted me with a smile and the Vatican officials looked very young to me as did the Swiss Guards.  The columns of children weaving their way around the exhibition of one hundred cribs, the young men preparing for the priesthood at the English College, and the not-so-young men at the Beda College, indicated a new spirit at the heart of the Church which filled me with hope for the year ahead.  This caused me to reflect on the Church in our own archdiocese, and I quickly came to a realisation that our local Church is youthful too.  Our splendid Catholic schools are full of young people engaged with the Church in new ways, especially the Faith in Action project.  The Animate team does what its name suggests and enlivens the spirit within our young Catholics.  In so many of our parishes young people’s liturgies and ‘little church’ are common.  Yes, even though February is a gloomy month I feel uplifted by this spirit of youthfulness which is prevalent in the Church.


In one sense the Church though ancient is always new because the Holy Spirit lives in us.  Pope Francis has this spirit of youthfulness and it emanates from him to us.  Despite his years and some health problems he remains young at heart.  His example could be something to help us during these difficult days for our country.  Let us be inspired by our young people to keep our spirits high.


Most Rev Malcolm McMahon OP

Archbishop of Liverpool

From the Archbishop’s Desk

Our splendid Catholic schools are full of young people engaged with the Church in new ways