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Of the 45 Roman Catholic primaries in Liverpool with an obtainable Ofsted rating, 35 are graded ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’; but the benefits of RC schooling go far beyond impressive academic performance.


They offer children a nurturing, spiritual environment to begin their educational career, rooted in the principles of the church.


Catholic values


For parents who want their child to have to a solid religious grounding at school, the benefits of a Catholic primary are obvious.


A good Catholic school will be a place where the teachings of Christ are made as relevant to each child’s experience as possible.


Christ’s example of love and compassion will be encouraged through every facet of school life and developed alongside the local parish, parents and the wider community.


With strong links to their parish church, Catholic schools often have a community feel. Many children will go on to sing in the choir or serve during mass as well.


A strong RE focus


Catholic primaries in Liverpool follow the ‘Come and See’ religious education programme for Foundation and Key Stages 1 and 2, as recommended by the Archdiocese of Liverpool.


The Bishops of England and Wales require that 10% of the total curriculum time is allocated to RE.


This valuable teaching will enhance your child’s knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and his/her ability to engage in reflection upon religious belief and practice.


Collective worship


Whilst all local authority maintained schools are required to offer a Christian act of collective worship everyday, the practice goes far beyond merely a statutory requirement at any Catholic primary.


Collective worship is central to a Catholic school’s ethos and is crucial to its spiritual life, and to the pupils’ personal development.


In addition, regular time spent at mass helps to instil a discipline within each child, and also a calmness that can aid their academic performance.


Sacramental preparation


For practicing Catholics, one of the obvious benefits of sending their children to a Catholic primary school is the Sacrament of Initiation programme.


Year 4 pupils are invited to begin preparation for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion through the school’s local parish.


Undertaking these important acts with the support of their teachers and classmates can make the process a more comfortable and pleasant experience for your child.


Picking a Catholic primary


Choosing a Catholic primary school for your child can be difficult, especially with such an abundance of quality options across Liverpool.


Following these five simple steps can make the process easier to navigate and mean you can rest assured you're making the right decision for your child.


1. Meet the headteacher - A good head should be able to easily explain the school’s philosophies and Catholic ethos.

2. Take a tour - Organise a trip around your prospective primary during a normal school day.

3. Ofsted ratings - Don’t discount a school which ‘requires improvement’.

4. Check social media - Twitter can give you a valuable insight into a Catholic school’s day-to-day and religious life.

5. Examine extra curricular - Any Catholic primary that offers a strong selection of after-school clubs is well worth a second look.

The benefits of a Catholic primary school education

They offer children a nurturing, spiritual environment